I would like to thank Denise and Craig Wallace of Future Productions, with the Miss USA & Teen USA pageants, along with Brenda Torrie of About Face; for their professionalism and commitment to honing my skills. Sir Ian Dean



hilarycruzeHilary Cruz
Miss Teen USA 2007
KayleeUnverzagtKaylee Unverzagt
Miss Minnesota USA 2008
MichelynButlerMichelyn Butler
Miss Wisconsin USA 2008
CassieShoreCassie Shore
Miss Wyoming USA 2008
MichelynButler Elizabeth Hoffman
Miss South Dakota USA 2008
VanessaVonbehrenVanessa Vonbehren
Miss Minnesota Teen USA  2007 
MichelynButlerEmily Bey .
Miss Iowa Teen USA 2008
MichelynButlerKatie Schull
Miss South Dakota  Teen  USA 2004